Ottilie W. Lundgren Memorial Field Hospital
On April 4, 2006, the Ottilie W. Lundgren Memorial Field Hospital was unveiled. This $8.25 million mobile hospital, funded with a combination of state and federal money, can be erected and staffed within hours of an emergency situation. Complete with electricity, heat, air conditioning and fresh water, the 100-bed unit includes intensive care, isolation capability, ambulatory care and triage areas. The mobile field hospital is outfitted with medical supplies and equipment that can provide immediate emergency/disaster medical care as a 100-bed facility or broken down into 25-bed units for regional emergencies.

The mobile hospital is staffed with a combination of personnel from the Connecticut Disaster Medical Assistance Team, state government agencies, the state’s 31 acute care hospitals and volunteers who are members of one of the State’s Medical Reserve Corps units or enrolled in the State of Connecticut Emergency Credentialing Program. Practitioners who are willing to be part of the mobile field hospital staff agree to be contacted when the mobile field hospital is deployed, but always retain the right to refuse to respond under any circumstance and for any reason.

Volunteers wishing to be considered for a deployment involving the Mobile Field Hospital will need additional training on the equipment and protocols used in this facility. Training courses are offered several times each year.
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